Upholstery Adventure

About two months ago I was at my favorite little shop and in the back corner noticed some gorgeous French chair frames that I just had to have! The shop owner said that somebody had found these chairs in pieces in a box on the side of the road! She and her husband reassembled them. I bought two chairs that were literally raw wood (no paint, stain, etc) and just the chair frame (no cushion, no cushion base). I knew there would be some work to get them into condition worthy of use, but as with anything else, I saw this as a challenge I would conquer!

The first step was having a friend's husband cut out a wood base for my cushion area for each chair! From there I used foam, batting and gorgeous cream and tan striped silk in combination with a trusty staple gun and I started upholstering!!
I love the end result! It's so luxurious and elegant! My next step is create a back to the chair and upholster that with the same material! I love that this chair went from being just trash on the side of the road to an elegant treasure at my dining table! It's amazing what a little tlc can do!

If you find yourself with a chair that you'd like refinished and reupholstered do not hesitate to ask! We'd be glad to transform your chair into an elegant treasure at your table!

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